Ice Skating Ballerina Dance

Oh! No! Talisha tripped and fell down during training before the competition.

Talisha tripped and fell down during training. Jayden visited Talisha in the hospital with a bouquet and took care of her. Practice makes the perfect. Everyday Talisha did practice ice skating with Jayden. Finally, the Match day is coming. Can Talisha win the medals and jump to the top of the world skating ranks? 

Please join us to help Talisha and witness their love story

Product Features:
- Practice your own skating routine again and again
- Practice makes the perfect. 
- Finally, the competition day is coming
- Get ready for the ice skating competition
- Spa always help you solve the skin issues
- Dress up in dazzling figure skating costume
- Get a makeover to be the skating star
- A nice face painting can be your plus point
- Nail is the details you can't miss it out
- Do a hand spa to remove the dead skin
- Make a perfect nail style with tons of accessories
- Now is the competition time

And so much more! Come on and join us to help Talisha ...